Just joined this site to see if yall can help me. I have a old coleman spa (400 series i believe) and i am getting a FLO error on the screen. Now, Ive done some reading and found that one gets this error when there is a lack of flow through the heater element. With that said, i have gone ahead and replaced the pressure switch (Generic one that is close to the one i pulled from my spa) and still no luck on getting the error to go away. I have even replaced the filter and still nothing.

Yesterday i was messing with everything trying to figure out what the issue could be and i notice my pump isnt working very well on the low setting. It works great on the high setting and when placed on the high setting the FLO error goes away. With that said i believe i have narrowed down the source of the issue but i dont understand why the pump is doing this? Also, when i turn the pump on for the first time for use the light flickers in the hot tub.

Do you guys think the wiring could be bad?
Is the light somehow getting voltage due to the pump issue?
Has anyone had an issue like this?

I relying on yall since all of the spa places i called where i live dont work on this brand... (There is only 2...atleast these are the ones i have found anyways)

If you need any info from the spa i can get it for you (model, pics, etc)

Thanks for all your help in advance!