I have an older hot tub that had an analog type thermostat. As it was constantly all over the place on temperature, I chose to install a control panel with a digital readout. I know it's just a readout, but I can look at it and adjust accordingly faster than a floating thermometer. The plugs on the power cord were the same, but unfortunately the digital readout does not display. In talking to an electrician, he said to get the schematic to wire properly. The controller is a Tecmark Topside 4-button air control with display (SKU #BX2002D). I called Tecmark direct, and of course they could not/would not supply a schematic. Does anyone know the proper way to wire this (or have a schematic)? Everything else (pumps, bubblers, LED's etc.) work fine. It's just that the digital readout doesn't work and this keeps the heater in the "on" position"....obviously...HOT...Thanks for any help !