Hi there,
Can anyone help? I have an older arctic "cub" spa that came up with a prr error code (water temp probe malfunction). I easily removed it and ordered another probe with the part number on the cable. It turns out this part number has been updated, my temp probe has 3 wires and a red connector block but this part number is now allocated to a temp probe with 2 wires and a different block. I wrote to Gecko to ask for the alternative and they said there is no alternative for my circuit board pack number and you just need to order the part number I'd already given them. But this has 2 wires and I need 3...... anyone else had this problem, surely I can't be the first? The temp probe part number is 9920-400342. If you go to any spares websites it shows a probe with 3 wires but when you order it comes with 2.. in desperation, can anyone help identify a solution...... can I just order any temp probe and splice it into my connector block?