Hi all. New member, first post. I have a Watkins Grandee G271099 that has been sitting for a few years. We finally got it up and running and everything works well except for the heater. Whenever i turn the heater on, it will trip and give me a flashing red light on the control panel. After troubleshooting, i realized my heater gets hot, but the circulator pump has no power coming off the board. I jumped the pump over to the ozone gen., and also the light, but still no pump. I've tried tapping the wet end of the pump with a plastic mallet to free it up, but no avail. Can anyone tell me if the circ pump should run full time? Or help me troubleshoot why i have no power coming off the board?
Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. This is my first spa, and i realize i might have left some info out. I will help in any way i can on my end......Thanks again.