New to this forum and new to having a hot tub but .... I Recently purchased a used Leisure Bay Smart Series LB102 spa about ten years old. One problem with it was the GFI 115v plug was defective, hacked it off and wired it straight to an outlet on a 20A GFI Breaker.

I am now finding that the largest jet does not work for your lower back on the lay down side of the tub, I have tried twisting it etc to see if you could manually turn it on/off with no success. I removed the panel and can see the water is flowing slowly in reverse by looking at the clear tubing attached to it. Any Ideas as to what could be wrong with this one jet since obviously the pump is running correctly?

Now when it comes to the Turbo Air vents I have 2 of the 12 not pumping air and also feel to be pulling slightly instead of pushing which again is strange considering the rest work fine.

Any help or suggestions appreciated. I have purged the air vent at the filter housing many times as well with no luck.