I have a 2004 j335 jacuzzi I bought used and I need advice on the best and safest way to run power from the power panel in the front to the rear. If looking down at the spa and the power panel, control panel and steps are at 6 o'clock, the old owner had liquid tight going out the side at 8o'clock. The closest I can get my jar conduit stub is 11 or 12 o'clock. I Wouk rather not have conduit or liquid tight outside the tub as it is a tripping hazard for my little kids. But electricity safer obviously takes priority.

How can I safely get the wiring to the back. NEC2008 code only let's me run 6' of flex non metallic liquid tight total. NEC2011 now clarifies it is 6' max EXTERNAL to the hot tub. A local electrician suggested I do some hard PVC conduit in the tub from the power panel in the front so i can use 6' of liquid tight out thought the back.

Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Any special fittings? Do they make plugs to plug the 1" hole at 8 o'clock when I'm done?