Hello ! I have an approximately 16 year old Hydro Spa, Model "The Stamina". It's been relatively problem free (only had to replace a motor a few years ago). One night last week, I noticed the pump is running constantly. Went out and the control display was reading 100 degrees and none of the control buttons would operate. The pump was running constantly on low speed. I went inside and tripped the breaker for the hot tub, waited a few minutes and turned it back on. After that, the control display is dead (nothing lights up). Looked in the panel and the connector going to the motor was brown and burnt at the white wire. I repalced that connector thinking that may have fried one of the fuses. All fuses tested good with an ohmmeter, switch is good and I can hear a relay click on when the switch is turned on, but nothing else works. Nothing on the display as if it has no power.

I then tested for a full 220v between the red-black (ok) and 120v between white-black and white-red(ok). There is a red LED on the board that lights up when the switch is turned on.

Flipping the board over, one of the relays appeared to have a burned connection (looked as if someone had de-soldered that connection). I re-soldered that. Still no dice. Any ideas on what the issue is and how to I test the board or control panel to see what has gone bad ? The controls and board are a Hydroquip CS6100 unit.

Thanks !