Hey guys,

I'm troubleshooting our 10 year old Great Lakes Spa. It's equipped with a Balboa-Pack and a 2 speed Sav-Rite Durajet Motor/Pump.

Here is what's happening..

When you plug the Spa in. Everything seems to be fine, no error-codes on the LCD. You hear the Relay Click to engage the Low-Speed/Thermo Circuit. But nothing happens. If you press the Jet button to engage the high-speed, I hear a click, but nothing happens.

I've tested voltage on both low and high-speed relays and all is good. I have checked voltage on the motor (High/Low speed Connectors) and all is good.

Here is the interesting thing. When press the Jet button to engage the high-speed, it doesn't come on. But, if you push the contactor in, the motor starts and it engages perfectly fine. So basically, the high-speed will only work if you push the contactor in. When it's running, if you press the jet button to go back to the low-speed, it cuts out. Nothing.

Does this sound like a motor issue even though High-Speed engages when pushing in the contactor on the end of the motor? I'm so confused by this.

Thanks for all reads and insight!