Hello to some one who can help,
I have a Tiger River Spa Sumatran N Bought in 2005
Serial number N2G1741

No Fault heater IHH-6000-NHCW

Walked out to my hot tub and it was cold. Would not heat. So I took out the filter and turned it off and on to cycle the heater. Did not work. So I decided to replace the old water with new and in the process took off panel to hit reset button on the No Fault 6000 element (part# 0927501) I screwed up I think and hit the reset button with no water in tub. Yes, I did have power off during this process. Realizing my possible mistake I hit the reset button again after I primed the jets. (jets and water flow work great) Still no heat.

So I took off the panel to the motherboard to see if I could see anything wrong.
the LIM light was on
the heater light was red
control unplugged light not on. (not sure if it needs to be)

So I was thinking that the element is fried or the relay is bad. Need to test, Not sure how to go about it with the voltmeter.
Help Please, Any info would be great.