I have a 2000 CALSPA and have 2 issues that may or may not be related. 1) A couple years ago my motor quit running and was making a loud noise so I assumed it was wore out so I ordered a new motor with twin pumps and installed it myself. It worked fine but after running for 5-10 mins it would shut down. I did some trouleshooting and found out that it was the thermal overload protector in the motor tripping it out. I had constant power supply from the control box. After a few minutes it will kick back on for a while then get hot and shut down again. Sometimes it will run longer than other times. Seems related to outside temps which makes sense. It has been running like this for a couple of years. When it kicks out I ususally run the pump on low for a few minutes until high will work again. 2) I've noticed sometime ago that I have very little suction into the filter. The water used to swirl into the basket but now I can put my hand down in the filter area and there is hardly any suction. All jets seem to be blowing normally. I wish I had a schematic of hose routes so I knew how everything works. It seems that I have a blockage somewhere in the line. I don't know if the 2 problems could be related?? Maybe the restriction is causing the motor to overheat. Any input would be greatly appreciated.