We have a Gulf Coast spa (Boca Grande model bought in 2002). We bought a gecko replacement spa pack from Allied Innovations, model SC-MP-P122-P212-B1-01-CP1-AU11-H4.0-U-LCD-AMP-NE-SBD 0202-205163. The supplier said that model was the replacement for the original spa pack model SSPA-MP-P122-P212-B1-01-NE-LS H5.5-AMP-HS2 0202-205114. I recently had to replace one of the suction fittings and some flex PVC hose, which required me to disconnect the spa pack and move it out of the way. Once I refilled the spa tub and turned the circuit breaker back on, the 2-speed main pump automatically went to high speed. The pump (new in Jan 2010) circulates the water as before, but now it has a much louder sound (except when on low speed), vibrates much more than before and gets very hot to the touch. I have checked the wiring diagram for the spa pack and know I have the plugs for the pumps, ozonator and blower reconnected correctly. Could I have something else connected improperly? Any help would be appreciated.