I have a Vita Alure LC500 spa, purchased 12-2001, and all seems well except it won't heat. The little Heat pump circulates the water, the other two large pumps run, although not all speeds. The tub is just cold. The main panel indicated the heater is on & the temp is set to 104. It's just cold. So I'm inclined to suspect the ovboius conclusion that the heater is dead. My trouble shooting page in the manual indicates there is an error code for a bad heater, am H1 or H2 error code, but I do not see any error codes on the display. Is there a possability another component could cause the heater to not turn on, maybe a cheap fuse? I'd hate to but a new pump only to find out if there is another issue, afterall if the heater is dead shouldn't I get the error code?