Ok I have a new spa, yahoo. I have rebuilt one before but it's been 5 or so years and I forgot all the procedures on the systems and wanted a refresher from someone.

2005 Dream Maker 8003-Eclipse series S6L
Blaboa HT Advantage board (sticker on it)
A.O. smoth motor for century pool jetted tub motor/ waterway with 110-115V 12 amps so atleast I have the right motor, but I'm not sure if it's two speed or one speed. Part # 7 -177894-24

4 very thin wires out the right side plug two sets of red and black that go into an elbow covered with a lot of expanding foam, which I can only assume is the heater, but how can wires that thin power a heater? They are the thickness of dental floss? I figured sensor wires, but where is the heater and where is it getting power from if not. I see no inline heater, like on every other spa I have had just after the pump that is. Did the old pump have the heater built in?

Left side of board is the pump connection and two sets of white and black wires that I see running to the waterfall light and underwater light.

I'd like to verify everything is working correctly and done right, before I start buying parts. Some idiot hooked up the ground/ green to the hot plug, and hot wire to the ground plug of the main plug and I think took out the 110v GFCI because that's what I see the system has nowadays. I'll be hooking it up to a GFI so I won't need an inline unit, but I wish it still had it. WTF was the last guy thinking? The only thing I could think of was that a repair guy did it so that the owners would not try to turn on the spa without repairing something thus making it short out, or they didn't pay him??? This plug miss wire scared me into doing a major inspection.

The upper control module is toast from the look of the damaged plastic etc and I' m not willing to plug the Cat5 jack in to get electrocuted even though it's probably only 12 volts but I don't want the board to fry either.

I'm wondering if I should just buy a universal heater/board/controller like I did at my old house, but I'd like to verify everything works without the controller first and just spend $90 if possible. I enjoy doing this stuff so no problem for me and I am a handy man and know electrical very well.

Replacement pump I jumped the board wires to it and it worked. I plugged the wires back into the board where they came from.

I'd like to verify the heater works and I forgot the procedure Ohms at the element right? Or should I bypass and verify the board is working correctly. I had an older tub last time that had mechanical relays so it was easy to hold them in myself and test things. I see no mechanical relays to push in and test things so I'm just trying to get the diagram to see if everything is laid out correctly or if someone went willy-nilly and moved stuff around like on the plug.

The white is plugged into the green on the board, but the ground is sent to the board's box and plug to the same spot so it's okay. and then the box's ground bar to the pump housing as well. But why is the board labeled green for the neutral? Hot is on black. A diagram would help sort this out.

Well those are my thoughts.