My Platinum II spa has a Balboa 2000LE HS200 M7 control system with a standard digital panel. Pump # 2 wasn't working, and I found the run capictor went bad. After I replaced it, the pump ran with no problem. After a few days, my controller did not function properly. When I power the spa down and up again, it goes through all the correct functions: it primes for 3 minutes,the blower comes on for a minute, pumps 1 and 2 come on and operate for 5 minutes. Once startup is complete, the following occurs: Pressing either raise or lower temp causes the set point to go up; the light button - turns pump #2 on and off; the blower button turns pump #1 on and off, Jet #1 works correctly and jet #2 works correctly; the Mode button does nothing. Has anyone experienced something similiar? I suspect the digital panel, but don't have a way to check it out.

Thanks, Don