Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me identify the appropriate replacement jet assemblies for my 1992 Leisure Bay ProShield Hot Tub. A number of the internal seals within the jet assemblies have disintegrated, which is allowing water to enter the air lines and thus is preventing air from mixing with the water and creating a powerful jet exhaust.

My air control knobs are in good working order. I have two pumps/air control knobs -- one side is working properly as when I remove the knob and displace the ball valve the air mixture ceases as is expected. On the side with the faulty jets, water shoots from the port when the ball valve is depressed.

I am attaching photos of the jets in question. It appears that the internal seals cannot or are not easily serviced/replaced, so I would require full replacement internal jet bodies.

I'm also looking for replacement spinner jets (assembly only) and have enclosed photos of those, as well, for any assistance in identification.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate you taking the time to help identify these parts as I've been searching for weeks and have come up empty handed.

4 photos are below. Please see http://www.livein5hosting.com/hottub/ for more photos.

Thanks in advance!