Hello everyone,

I'm taking on the task of rebuilding a 4 person spa. The old pack/pump is beyond repair and I'm replacing the jets do to age and cracking. I have a parts list for jets and jet bodies but I'm stumped on how to size the right pack and if I need an air blower. The tub looks like it might have had one at one time to blow bubbles up through the edge of the seats. There were three air control devices that are being replaced as well that supply air to the jets.

I have no idea who makes the tub but its big, 91" square. Is there any tell tail marking I can look for or does it even matter at this point?

This will eventually be an in-deck install.

So if anyone can recommend a pack or sizing chart or any other info, I would appreciate it.

Website recommendations for parts or packs would be great. That way I can compare prices of the items I have on my workup list.