Hi, I have a 2003 Sundance Altamar and it has been giving a HO error. Most things I have read point to
The hi limit sensor or the temp. sensor. I hooked up the ohm meter and the high was at 17.32 and the temp sensor @ 16.45 which according to this is a bit off : http://www.spaandpoolsource.com/sund...iagnostic.aspx

SO when I rehooked up the wires to the Sensor harness and put the breaker back it, I now get a Sn1 and Sn3 error indicating shorted sensor or a problem. I rechecked the wires but assuming they aren’t seated in the harness or something else?
I am going to buy the sensors anyway but wanted to see if there is anything I can prevent this from happening when I install the new ones or something else is going on?