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Well that is great news, glad to hear you are back up and running normally. If you are in need of a new spa cover we are the one to contact. You will find our covers are made of the finest material and the non pro-rated warranty will give you comfort in knowing your cover is protected "bumper to bumper". Please check out our cover site and see all the features we have to offer.
Well it's spring again and I am back with similar trouble as last spring. The filter pump is back to it's surging problem although somewhat different. The pump won't shut off, and it's like trying to go to high speed, starts surging, and I suspect it overheats, shuts off, and then restarts after ten or fifteen seconds. There is a ticking sound like a clock while it's off, and the high speed indicator flashes in sync with the ticking. Difference from last year is that I have heat, and the temp readings are correct. On the Economy setting the pump should only run during the filter cycles, but it runs all of the time. If I shut it off, it restarts after a few seconds.