I have an old Blue Ridge Spa from 1998.

The old controller box was a 63D box. circuit board model # 40400, ser # 60314 and item # 407.7592C

The Spa had been converted to use 230V.

It is the 2 pump system with the upright heater and the separate circulation pump.

The circulation pump is a Tiny Might 230V pump (TM-0061N22C3)

After the circuit board went bad I replaced the entire control box with a new 63T (63T-scb-120-01) box (including new spaside controls).

I followed the instructions to convert the new box to 230V.

Everything now works except the circulation pump. lights, heater and jets work fine.

I have FLO error on the control screen which seems to indicate a problem with the circulation pump

I checked the power being supplied to the circulation pump socket and it's giving 115V. It shuts off every couple of seconds with a clicking sound but I'm told this is expected if the pump isn't working or plugged in.

1) If I convert to 230V is it supposed to convert everything including the circ pump power or is this just for the heater?

2) How was the old 63D box giving 230V to the circulation pump and the new one is giving 115V? Did they give me the wrong box?