Hello gang.

A newcomer is looking for urgent help. I'm located in Canada and as you have guessed it's smack middle of winter time here. After a crazy week, I wanted to enjoy my spa, a Tiger River Bangal model, bought in 97.

Upon lifting my cover, to my dismay, big problems. My power light is blinking, and the water is just about freezing. I know that normaly this is an indication of a high limit switch tripping, but after disconnecting the spa for 5 minutes, as soon as I turn the power on, the light starts blinking right away. Same if I only turn on the control portion of the breaker as opposed to control + heather.

As an emergency solution, I've emptied about half of the spa and I'm filling it with hot water hoping to avoid a catastrophic freezing of the lower portion of the spa. To make things worse, we are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow. When all goes well ...

Any suggestions are welcomed, and I'll be calling profesional help tomorrow. But hot spring dealers are close to non existant in my neck of the woods, so I'll have to rely on a generalist. I'll try to access the control panel tomorrow to see if my circ pump is working.

Any help / suggestions is more than welcome. Thanks ahead of time,