We bought a new house with a 2010 hot tub currently there. The previous owners had cut the electricity to the spa, resulting in a freeze.

Essentially, after we thawed it, we fixed several broken pipes. We also replaced the topside control panel (Balboa VL700S), the heater pump because it was leaking (Aqua Flo Circ Master 1/15 HP 60HZ 230 Volt Pump 02093001-2010).

We have been heating the water with a bucket heater because we live in PA and it is cold here now. So, we just replaced the pump and topside.

When we turn it on, the jets come on, as well as blower and pump. However, after about 2 minutes everything shuts off and we get a code OHH-System Overheat.

We also just put new filters in because the previous owners hadn't changed it in 4 years (yah, thank you previous owners).

So, do we start with changing the two heat sensors? We also notice that the cluster of 6 clear tubes coming below the filter are clogged with dirt. Could that be causing the OHH?

Any help appreciated as we are ready to just drain and try to recoup some of our costs ($2500 to buy with house and now about $400 in parts).