I have an Amish Country spa with a Brett Aqualine EM-203T pack. I cannot get tha spa temperature above 97 degrees. It heats up fast, but stops at 97. All other spa functions work fine. I tried removing the filter and it makes no difference. I can get more heat by removing the capillary bulb from the tube, fooling the thermostat. So I know the heater element is good. I am wondering if there is an adjustment on the thermostat itself, and how do I get to it. I have read that on some thermostats there is a set screw to adjust heater shut off temperature. On my spa, does the top of the side control panel come off along with the dial, and access would be from the top, or do I have to remove all the components from the bottom of the control box? Or is there some other potential cause that I have overlooked? Please, any info would be appreciated.