Greetings..I have a Jacuzzi Vectra 2 hot tub model 8800000, mfg number 9209-04, serial number 21994, teal green. It has four jets, but the insides of the jets are missing "the nozzles" or whatever they are called. The tub is up and running but without the jet "nozzles" its pretty uneventfull as far as the jets go "no bubbles, just water". There is a sort of socket that looks like a jet ball or nozzle would go in, and a plastic ring with three stainless steel screws. Do I just need need nozzles? A local hot tub place said it would be about $85 bucks each..I cant afford that much. Is there an aftermarket "nozzle" that would cost less? I am on a tight budget.

And my other question...Is it cheaper to run my tub on 220 or 110? That are the pros and cons?

Thank you for your time and patience..