I've had a Sun Valley Spa for a few years now and it worked fine until it went out of warranty. Since then it has been a nightmare to deal with. The company I purchased it from just wants me to pay them. I used to be an electrical engineer and used a professional electrician to wire the spa. We did it by the book just like the place I bought it from recommended. Recently, I took the circuit board pack to the company to have tested because it was always blowing my breaker to the point it wouldn't reset. They tested it and said it was fine and charged me $100. Took it home and had my electrician test everything else. It was fine as well. Took it back to them and they said I need a new circuit board. So they order a board and then my tub started working on its own. Then it again quit and I took it back to them and talked them into looking at it at no charge. They said I needed a new heating element. That was $80+. Installed that and it worked for about 2 weeks and then started tripping the breaker again. Any idea what is causing this? Granted it doesn't do it as often as it was, but it is still several times a week. I am a firefighter so I am not home everyday to check the breaker and with it being the dead of winter here in Missouri I don't want to run the risk of the breaker blowing and me not being around to reset it to keep the water heated to where it won't freeze everything up. I haven't even been able to sit in it so I know it's not from water splashing down the side into the spa pack. Plus, I sealed the topside panel so it wouldn't leak even if it gets wet. Sorry for the long rant, but I'm getting tired of throwing money at this thing for it to just sit there.