hello, im new to the boards so lets get to the point.

I recently installed a liteleader 54115 CB into a balboa control box after varifying a dead relay. When i replaced the CB loosened the board from the 4 plastic pegs that hold it in place (leaving it wired). I then installed the new CB and began removing 1 wire at a time and rehooking it to the new CB to avoid confusion. Upon completing the reinstallation of the new CB i successfully fixed the Error problem i was getting on the topside panel. but...

When i turned the breaker on the pump waited to kick on for a few seconds, then it finally turned on but hummed and vibrated, got quite hot and did not move any water. i tried several times until i feared the pump was going to get damaged. So i then unplugged the pump from the control box exposing the 4-wire plug. upon testing it i found out that the black and the white wires are both getting the correct 118v to the plug, but the red wire is registering 0.001 (using the green ground for the black test pole from the meter). I had thought that the black\red wires would be passing volts and the white\grn wires would have nothing. So i assumed i had wired it wrong but i went over and over and over the wiring diagram and its all correct. So my question is... WTH is happening? again pump is turning on for about 10 sec, getting hot and the pump reset shuts it off, no water movement.

i checked for an air lock, nothing.
impellor is not jammed.
shaft is not spinning.
everything else is working fine.