This is something that comes up a lot. When you purchase a Balboa VS 500, 501, or 510, they are pre wired from Balboa to run the pump(s) on 120v so if you have 240v pump(s) you need to change a few little things before you turn on your new controller. What happens is the pump either wont run or it cycles On and Off, On and Off, over and over. This is because you cant run a 240v pump on 120v. DONT THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE 240V HOOKED INTO THE CONTROL BOX THAT YOU ALSO HAVE 240V TO YOUR PUMP(S).

Most controllers that are convertible (120v or 240v) use 120v pumps -even in a 240v control box.

So back to what you need to change ---- Your PUMP 1 should be plugged into J23, next to that plug is a White wire -W1, the other end of that wire is most likely plugged into the WHITE AC patch just above your main wire hookup.

That end needs to be moved from the WHITE AC area, to the RED AC area just below the main wire terminal. Now that plug (j23) is wired for 240v . Thats it . Most of the other functions work the same way . Plug J47 is for a circulation pump and its change over wire is W2 - right next to it. BLOWER or Pump2 , use plug number J17/26 -and it has a change over wire next to it too.

We also have video tool boxes on the web site that can be very helpful as well.