I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot a hot tub that came with a home I just purchased a few weeks ago. When I first moved in the hot tub would power on but not respond to any button presses from the control panel. It simply just displays "56".

After some troubleshooting with the technical support line, it was determined that my spa goes through the correct sensor checks (a series of numbers displayed at start up) but does not enter the priming mode. In order to avoid a large repair bill, I opted to go online and contact a spa circuit board manufacturer and ask them if they had any idea. They told me the circuit board should be replaced and offered to sell me one (i know...).

I just got done installing the new circuit board and the tub is doing the same exact thing. Does anyone else have any similar experiences or ideas how to fix or troubleshoot this further?

It looks like the guts of my spa are made by Balboa, VS300 I believe.