Ok, so here's what's going on. When I started my spa for the year i was consistently getting a FLO2 error on startup. I looked at the flow sensor and I could see that it was open on startup prior to the circulation pump coming on. After reading online I replaced the filter (it's 2 years old so past time anyways) and the flow sensor. With the new flow sensor I have the same problem on startup it flashes FLO2 indicating that the sensor isn't open to start.

I got the idea from someone else posting online to try to bypass this error by manually disconnecting the flow sensor on startup to get past the FLO2 error. So I wired in a standard rocker switch into the flow sensor. On startup I leave it off and then when I get the FLO (not FLO2) error indicating that the flow switch should now register as closed I flip the switch and let the flow sensor work as designed. This works great and allows for the heater to come on. I thought I had solved the problem, although annoying to flip a switch inside anytime power is lost, if I only have to do it at start up that isn't the end of the world.

I was wrong. After about 15-45 minutes (seems to be some variable) the screen starts flashing "PLUG". This is supposed to indicate that the service tech's plug has been left in too long. I don't even own a service plug, so that isn't the problem. So I called customer support and they said it's a bad board. My question is can anyone come up with anything else to try? I'm guessing for some reason my flow switches (new and old) aren't registering open unless I flip the switch, so at some point the circ pump is turning over to verify that the tech plug isn't being left in and finding that it isn't opening up. That doesn't make sense as I can see the flow switch opening, and yet I don't have a better answer. As the board is 400-500 I'm looking for any help I can get, please help me!!

Thank you in advance!!