I have a Sundance Cameo spa. I am having two issues and although they seem like the two should not be connected, because they both happened at the exact same time I can not help but think they are.

First issue is the Built in Stereo. The spa has a stereo with pop up speakers behind the head rests. The stereo has stopped playing sound through the speakers even though the stereo turns on, changes stations, and volume can be turned up and down. To rule out a speaker issue, I used another stereo and connected to the speaker wire and they worked fine. If the stereo wouldn't power up or do any other functions I would say it's a bad unit but because the unit works and the speakers work with a different unit I am confused.

The second issue is with the air blower. When the button is pushed from either of the control panels a clicking noise is heard from the circuit board but the blower does not turn on and no air/bubbles comes from the air injectors. I am not great with electrical but did use a tester to check for power coming from the circuit board to the blower pump which was positive for power. I have no idea what could have caused this problem.

Like I said, both problems seem to have occurred at the same time (as far as I can remember/tell) Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!