I recently bought a new Spa Builders LX-15 control pack for my hot tub. It's the exact same make and model as the one I had in before, but once I got it all wired up and went to turn the hot tub on, it ran for a couple seconds and there was a popping noise from near the heater and it turned off. The GFCI tripped, so I reset the circuit, but it does not turn on at all anymore. Anyone have any ideas on what could have happened? I checked the wiring and everything looks good from what I can tell. I have a 4 wire service coming from my main panel to the GFCI hot tub disconnect. The hot tub only requires a 3 wire service (2 hots and a ground), so that is all that is wired to the hot tub. Everywhere I read said that was ok since not all hot tubs require a neutral and that is only if they are 120/240 hot tubs. I checked the fuses on the board and they all look good. I'm really hoping I didn't fry the circuit board as it is brand new. Thanks for any help.