Great forum - thanks for letting me join! Our 2001 Tiger River Bengal is clicking the R2 relay about 40 times a minute, and the R1 about 20 times a minute. It will do that for an hour or 2 until temp is low enough to actually latch the heater on. Then it goes thru a heat cycle, then after a short while, starts the clicking cycle all over again. It's a 120v setup. I'm getting good flow thru the circulation pump - lots of bubbles. I tried removing the filter and it has no effect on the problem. If I raise the temperature 1 or 2 degrees, it latches on and heats fine. And if I lower the heat several degrees, the clicking also stops. It's like there is a "buffer" that is supposed to tell the relay board "OK it;s really time to heat" but it not buffering that signal, and waivering off and on??
I've had the local rep out - he said "could be your IQ2020 mother board, could be the top control panel, could be the relay board. Get out you wallet and and let's start buying parts and see what works". I tried Watkins Tech support and they say it's the relay board, but start hemming/hawing when I tell them it will latch on if I raise the temperature control. And they really want you to work thru the local dealer. I know I'm going to have to replace a component, but would sure like to replace the correct one the first time! My guess is the mother-board, but would sure appreciate advice from someone who knows

Other than the clicking relays, the tub is working great - maintains temperature fine. But after 6 weeks of relays opening and closing 30-40 times a minute, something is going to fail eventually!