I have a Watkins Solana SX and it is tripping the GFCI. Several years ago I had a heater go out and swapped that. This time however, it doesn't seem to be the heater. I've disconnected all of the components (heater, pump, control, connector for the ozone I don't have) and yet it still trips.

The only time it won't trip is when I remove the 25 AMP bridge fuse. But then nothing works.

Other things. We have it hooked up to a 30 amp breaker. When it trips, a little red light flickers on the circuit board.

Please help! Do I need a new circuit board (crossing my finers NO)? Is the power too much (30 amp breaker at the breaker box, then a 30 amp GFCI outside, using 10 guage wire)? Ghost in the machine?

Thank you