I've got an older Cal Coast Spa (maybe 15 years or so, I'm not sure since I got it used). The pump stopped switching into high when I hit the jets button, it would go from the low circulating speed and sound like it would try to go into high but then it would just turn off and 15 minutes later or so you could try again and the same thing would happen. Eventually it stopped working all together nothing happens when you hit the Jets button, and it doesn't work in low to keep the tub warm either. The heat light flickers with no rhyme or reason. It still has power cause the light works. I've tried running it without the filter in and I've hit the heat reset button. I opened up the main panel and controls panel and don't see any obviously loose wiring or corrosion. I had the tub working for about two months before this happened and now its been sitting for about six.

Thanks for any help,