Hey folks,

I need a little help with a problem with my Leisure Bay Smart Control console Series LB102. Keep getting the OH error.

So far I have, ran it with no filter, purged the filter with a hose to try to relieve air bubbles and sat there until it turned off and neither my circ pump, nor my stainless steel heating element were warm... Sometimes the error message will show up within 5 minutes and sometimes it will take hours...?? I can push the light switch and it will erase the error message and it will start heating again??

After as much research as I can do on this great site, I have concluded that I either need to replace a heating sensor or the circuit board. Should I try the heat sensors first? And if so, which one should I try to replace - or both? Is there a standard or do i need to find one specific to this tub?

Any help and conversation I can get on this would be much appreciated!!