I have 2002 Tiger River Bengal Spa. A week ago the heater quite working and I have checked all the obvious causes, filter is clean, circ pump seems to be working (will get back to this in a minute), removed the heater control board, did not see any burnt areas on the front or back. Checked the continuity of the heater (9 ohms +- – I had a friend help). We also checked and at the time there was no power going to the heater with the power on from the control board. What I am finding is something keeps tripping the heater reset button. Seems the hotter the water gets the quicker it trips. The other weird thing is the large white wire from the heater control panel to the heater has burnt insulation at the heater board connection and the wire looks like it has gotten hot (blued). I trimmed it off, cut the wire back and reinserted it into the locking connector, I know it has a good connection but the reset is still tripping. What would cause this wire to do this other than a bad connection? Getting back to the circ pump. When all this started it was making a strange noise. It has quieted down now. I can hold my hand 6” above the outlet in the tub and feel flow. Is the heater not putting out enough flow tripping the reset even though it seems to be working? I live hours away from any tech to work on it so I am pretty much on my own. I have replaced the heater control board once (5 years ago). Replaced the circ pump two years ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated….running out of ideas.