The spa is a Caldera Geneva
Series: Utopia
SN# GE82h1283
Bought it new in 2006.

The other day noticed the spa pump (1) was continually running, lifted the cover and on the display were the - - - - dashes. I shut the unit off, left the cover open to let it cool off. (When I checked with a digital laser thermometer the temp was 119.) I drained and removed the filter and refilled (left filter out incase of flow issue). I restarted the spa with the panel off, it appears to start normally.. I set the temperature 89, the spa gets to 89 you can see the surface mount LED on the board where it says heater go off and you hear the relay switch, but the pump1 continues to run. I let it run for another 30 minutes and it continues to heat up past what I have the temperature set to, (no LED on when looking at the circuit board/control board). I also noticed that I had water leaking from the injector valve, disconnected it from the injector valve, a continual stream of water was shooting out.. So thought I should check the ozonator, when I opened it up it was totally corroded to the point that the fuse had fallen off.. I did clear out the injector valve, it now creates a suction and I did run some white vinegar (1/4 cup) into the system then capped it off for now. (I know i need a new ozonator, injector valve, hose, check valve..

Why does it heat past the set temperature? Why does pump 1 continue to run?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Best Regards,