I have a 98 Hot Springs Grandee spa that is acting up on me. The green ready light is blinking and the circulation pump has stopped working. Here is what I do know, the blinking ready light usually indicates a failed circulation pump, but I am not 100% confident in that theory. Here is what I have tried so let me know if you still think it is a bad circulation pump.

I wait a couple of hours for the temperate to drop in the spa, at this point I also have all power shutoff at the breakers to the tub. This resets the blinking ready light as well so I am just left with a solid red power light. Once the temp has dropped, I kick the breakers back on and everything starts up, including the circulation pump. After a couple of minutes I can kick the jets on and everything is running correctly. The only issue I have noticed is the pressure is weak from one of my massage jets. I have tried to release the upper valve leading into that particular pump controlling that jet thinking there was an airlock but no change. I have also released the bleed line into that pump too, again no change and I have done this a couple of times.

Filters have been removed to eliminate a clog or being dirty. I also added water yesterday, through the standpipe, and was able to see the water coming up the drain in the bottom so I know it was pushing through the circulation pump. Once the set temperate is reached, the circulation pump shots off, the green ready light begins to blink and I have seen where the high limit thermistor trips causing the heater to get extremely hot and the power light will than blink. At this point I reset the breakers, wait 1-2 minutes and once the tub starts up again the power light will be steady red and the green ready light is back to blinking with no circulation pump running. Both thermistors were replaced about three weeks ago in case that matters. I have tried the tap trick a couple of times hoping to jump start it but no change there either. Just seems ironic that it would run right up to the point of the set temperature being reached. Also the circulation pump has never been over heated or too hot to touch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, just don’t want to jump the gun replacing the circulation pump is there is another underlying issue.