My spa was working fine, then I had an electrical problem, so there was no power available for about 2 weeks. When I did get the power going again, the top LCD panel came back on and is locked and I am not able to unlock it. The display reads out 'COOL' or 'ICE' and the icon of pump 1 is on, but there is no action. Sometimes it gives the numbers of 15: 5 when trying to use the display. I have tried shutting down power for a couple of hours.. but still the same problem. I have tried emptying some water out and then running hot water in to try and warm it up, but still the same thing. Does anyone know if there Is maybe a reset button on the control box? How would I know if it needed a new fuse? Not sure what to do as it is winter... and if I cant figure this out I will be emptying it out this weekend to shut down for the winter. So any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.