Hopefully someone can help me out. And maybe someday I can help someone else out. I own a custom bodyshop and car builder. a lot of my stuff has been on tv and have a lot of knowelege and if anyone has any other questions of cars/electronics maybe I can help them also!

Ok.... Trying to please my wife for Christmas and I guess now my parents! LOL I ended up getting 2 hot tubs. I will order parts from this site hopefully im sure I will need somethings like covers,heaters,ect

1st Spa is a 1999 Vita Spa LC500 last time it worked was 3 years ago. Was kept inside its whole life and looks mint. was told it had a heater related problem and was like a $250 repair. Motors and insides look mint. heater does have date of 1999. Can someone please give me some guidance on where to start with this tub sitting and what to do to try and start it and to test heater? I have multimeters and are good with car electronics. Just thought I never dug into tubs. figured don't hurt to ask! Thanks!

2nd Spa was from hurricane sandy. it slide 3 feet. got about 8-10" of water around it. Power was off to tub. and it was winterized before storm. I have in my garage and was going to let dry out some more. with heat on. Was thinking taking motors off it was by salt water. motors look alittle oxidiozed on outside. This is a Hot Springs tub. 2003 soregvine or something like that. MFG told me they think if it didn't float away and power was off this might just work fine no problems. But I thought about pulling motors and maybe replacing bearings and cleaning.

We are not rich. but im just a guy trying to keep my family happy. any guidance will be greatly appericated. I moved both tubs BY MYSELF! lol! I am very determinded person in life. thanks everyone!