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HTW Brom Booster (Sodium Bromide) - 2lbs.

HTW Brom Booster (Sodium Bromide) - 2lbs.

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Build an instant bromine residual in your spa and reduce the amount of sanitizer needed to disinfect your water with the Spa Bromine Booster. Containing 100% granular sodium bromide, the Spa Bromine Booster is ideal for increasing your sanitizers efficiency, and is compatible with bromine and other spa chemicals.

  • Creates instant bromine residual
  • Compatible with spa chemicals
  • Assists in sanitizing water

2 oz. per 500 gallons of water

Bromine Booster should be used every time when your spa is refilled with fresh water in order to maintain the ideal bromine range of 1-3 ppm.

This item can not ship to California.

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