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HTW Spa pH Minus - 1.5lb. btl.

HTW Spa pH Minus - 1.5lb. btl.

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pH is extremely important in maintaining your spa's water chemistry and increasing sanitizer efficiency. Lower your spa's pH with this amazing formula that corrects alkaline water conditions immediately and makes your spa water crystal clear and well-balanced.

Spa pH Minus also helps in preventing stain formation and build-up, as well as eye and skin irritation caused by high pH level in your spa water.

  • Lowers pH balance instantly
  • Reduces stain formation and build-up
  • Prevents eye and skin irritations

1 Tablespoon per 500 gallons of water

The ideal pH range for spas is between 7.2 and 7.8; use Spa pH minus when your water's pH balance goes above the ideal range, and start enjoying a more comfortable spa time again.

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