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Zodiac Cense - Shock and Aromatherapy in One! - Divine Secrets

Zodiac Cense - Shock and Aromatherapy in One! -  Divine Secrets

Item #: W27003

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Product Size: 2 lb.

Divine Secrets: A tranquil, marine accord that combines lavender flowers blended with camellia and sheer green herbs, with vanilla, musk and precious woods to add depth to the scent.

With its oxygen infused aromas, Cense turns your spa into a fragrant paradise for the senses. Zodiac Cense is the only non chlorine oxidant that offers the stress-relieving benefits of aromatherapy with a crystal clear spa experience. Combining fragrance with MPS, the most recommended oxidizer for spas on the market, Cense creates an inviting and relaxing environment in and around your spa by eliminating the chemical smell of chlorine and replacing it with four exquisite scents as it leaves your spa water cleaner, clearer, and fragrant.

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