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Leisure Time Sodium Bromide

Leisure Time Sodium Bromide

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Product Size: 1 lb

Leisure Time Sodium Bromine creates an immediate bromide reserve in your hot tub or spa, providing a highly effective, chlorine-free sanitizing system that is odorless. Sodium bromine is not a sanitizer on its own, but it works alongside your bromine sanitizing tablets to form an optimal level of bromine sanitization level in minutes instead of a week or two.

  • Product Size: 1 lb.
  • For use with brominating tablets in hot tubs and spas
  • Establishes an immediate bromide reserve to help your spa’s bromine be effective for longer
  • Sodium bromide is NOT a disinfectant, but is designed to work with bromine sanitizers for better, longer effectiveness
  • Using Leisure Time Sodium Bromide makes your spa sanitization completely bromine-based, eliminating chlorine odors

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