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Leisure Time Spa Defender Scale Preventer

Leisure Time Spa Defender Scale Preventer

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Product Size: 1 qt

Leisure Time’s Defender spa scale preventer removes ugly, unsightly stains caused by calcium while working to future scale and stains caused by dissolved solids sticking to hot tub surfaces. Defender spa preventer is a second-generation blend of organic polymers that prevent calcium’s ability to form scale. Leisure Time Defender also prevents scale buildup from forming in important spa equipment like the spa filter and heater.

  • Contents:1 qt.
  • Defender spa preventer is very effective in high temperature water
  • Made from organic polymers that are safe and effective
  • Protects important, expensive spa equipment parts like the filter, pump and heater
  • Can be used with bromine and biguanide sanitizers
  • Regular use of Spa Defender prevents mineral build up in hot tubs, which can be hard to control otherwise
  • Availability: Usually leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days

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