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6 Month Chlorine Kit-Hard Water

6 Month Chlorine Kit-Hard Water


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This kit includes all of the chemicals that you will need for 6 months + (based on hot tubs from 300-500 gallons)

1 Pre-filter
1 Leisure Time Chlorine(5lb bottle)
2 Leisure Time Renew Shock (2.2 lb bottles)
2 Metal Gon/Defender Two pack (1 pint bottles)
1 Leisure Time Bright and Clear(1 quart)
2 Leisure Time pH Balance Plus (3 lb bottle)
1 Leisure Time Spa Filter Clean - Overnight Soak (1 quart)
1 Leisure Time Spa Enzyme (1 quart)
2 Leisure Time Spa Test Strips Chlorine(50 per bottle)
*This kit no longer contains the Dirty Duck Surface Cleaner since it has been discontinued from the manufacturer.

Before using pH Balance Plus, please consider using the following products: If you normally have to adjust water pH and alkalinity upward use Leisure Time Spa Up. If you normally have to adjust water pH and alkalinity down use Leisure Time Spa Down.

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