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Spa Frog @ease SmartChlor + Mineral Hot Tub Sanitizer

Spa Frog @ease SmartChlor + Mineral Hot Tub Sanitizer

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The Frog @ease Floating SmartChlor and Mineral System leaves your mind at ease with its self-regulating, easy-to-use hot tub or spa mineral + chlorine water sanitizing system.

The @ease automatic hot tub water care system is a floating orb that contains both minerals and chlorine in separate, replaceable cartridges. The Mineral Cartridge lasts for 4 months, SmartChlor cartridges last up to 4 weeks (less for larger or heavily used spas). Load the SmartChlor cartridge to the dispenser and place it in the hot tub, and @ease releases water-softening minerals, bacteria killing metals, and just the right amount of chlorine. The SmartChlor Cartridge regulates itself with SmartChlor technology, so that you always have the perfect amount of chlorine in your water.

The Frog @ease Floating SmartChlor and Mineral System saves money over buying bromine tablets. All you have to do is a weekly shock treatment, and a monthly SmartChlor cartridge change, and a quarterly Mineral cartridge. The 'Flippin Frog' Flips over when the cartridges are depleted, so you always know when to change it, no guessing or inspection required.

Frog SmartChlor is a patented mineral + chlorine system, exclusive offered by King Technologies. It's so advanced, that SmartChlor knows when to automatically release more chlorine when needed. When the SmartChlor cartridge is empty the orb flips over, and you pop in a new cartridge. Just maintain good water pH levels, and the @ease floating sanitizer takes care of the rest, so you can take it @easy.

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