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Nature 2 Spa Purifier - 3 Pack

Nature 2 Spa Purifier - 3 Pack

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Product Information

One Nature2 Spa Purifier 3-Pack Can Sanitize Your Spa For An Entire Year!

Destroy bacteria without the need for harsh chlorine or chemicals with Nature2’s mineral bed technology! When used alongside MPS, the best spa oxidant, Nature2 Spa evolves into the best all natural spa and hot tub sanitizing system.  Simple to use, Nature2 Spa drops into the spa filter and is effective for up to four months.


·         The Only Natural Alternative to Chlorine and Bromine

·         Eliminates chlorine odor/eye irritation

  • Easily fits into your spa filter
  • Hands-free maintenance
  • Makes water softer, cleaner and crystal clear
  • Effective for spas up to 500 gals
  • Works with all flow rates
  • 1 Cartridge lasts 4 months
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