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July: Spa Shock

Non-chlorine shock is used in spas with bromine, ozone or mineral systems, to oxidize contaminants in the spa water, and restore shine and brilliance to dull or cloudy spa water.

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April: Spa Blankets

Made of a variety of materials, a spa blanket floats on the surface of the water, to trap in heat, humidity and spa chemicals.

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May: Spa Steps

Unless your spa is inground, or built into a deck, getting in and out of a hot tub can be a challenge. Hot tub steps snug up to your spa, as stairs for easy entry - easy exit.

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June: Cover Lifts

We have seven models of hot tub cover lifters, to fit both square sided and rounded spas. Stop struggling with your bulky or heavy spa cover, install a cover lift and let it do the work for you!

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August: Balboa Spa Packs

Synonymous with quality, and the most well-known spa control system in the industry. Balboa spa packs combine easy installation, intelligent controls and extremely reliable heaters, pumps and blowers.

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September: Next Day Spa Covers

Our popular Next Day Spa Covers, are loaded on a truck within 24 hours. For those of you who are lucky enough to have one of the USA's six most popular spa models, we've got you covered!

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