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Why Are My Friends Becoming Single and Firing Up The Hot Tub?

September 17th, 2010 by

single-friendsBeen a strange time, seems like everyone around me is splitting up. A couple of them are 20 year plus relationships and it’s just strange, understandable in some cases but also strange. It seems like we get so used to living a certain way, like a family unit, that imagining a world different feels almost foreign.

One of my friends, who is like a father to me, chose to make a change after 25+ years.  No, he did not have a another lady in the wings nor did he have any desire to go and find another relationship. He just needed to be free of marriage that was not happy.

Now, he’s happy (took a little while), and doing all the stuff he didn’t feel free to do while married, travel, more golf, have people over to his house for poker, dinner parties. It’s strange to watch because I thought the earth was supposed to open up and suck you down when you leave a marriage. So far, my buddy is floating along in single man’s bliss ( I think it might be worth noting, he has a hot tub and that could be part of the secret).

Another friend, I was best man in his wedding kind of friend,  was blindsided by his forthcoming divorce.  Wife just said “that’s it!”, out of the blue.  She said it was about money, he had lost a bunch, so he’s losing her. Cold hearted stuff.   Now, I will admit I am happy about this one and despite being shocked how it went down, I’m happy for him.  He’s not happy yet but I know he will be.  He’s been living under the iron hand of a prison warden who masqueraded as his wife for last 20 years. Once the fog of long term incarceration wears off, he’ll be Hot Tubbing in happiness.

I guess what I’m learning from this is not to judge because I have no clue what is another’s recipe for happiness.  What looks bad sometimes is really good, like many things in life.

– Jerry

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4 Responses to “Why Are My Friends Becoming Single and Firing Up The Hot Tub?”

  1. Jerry, it was a very amusing post. I just can’t help but advocate for family togetherness, especially when it comes to using a hot tub, sauna, or steam room, to achieve it! 🙂

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  3. It’s worth noting that while your friends may be using the hot tub in their single lives, it can help bring families closer as well. Many times, in a long term relationship, two people lose sight of what’s really important. Hot tubs and spas, as well as saunas, and other home improvement related leisure activities, can give families the time they need to reconnect without the distractions of the outside world.

    • Jerry says:

      Almostheaven, no doubt you are right about the family benefit of a hot tub. My comments about my friends use of a hot tub are meant only to stretch an unrelated subject in keeping with our general theme. I was hoping it read more tongue in cheek and a little less literal than you might have read it to be.

      That said, they did stop getting in the hot tub with their spouse long time ago and I’m sure it would have not hurt the situation if they just did anything that encouraged talking.

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