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What’s The Best Hot Tub? The Truth Is….


spa-awardsI recently saw another Press Release for a so called “Best Hot Tub” award.¬† Too bad it was bogus, because it would be great if a spa buyer had something to trust. Unfortunately, it was another award given out by a company that sells the award for advertising money. Yes, that’s right, not a single owner of the product is consulted to determine the merit of the product award.

This spurred me to look at our data from actual owners and see if it came close to the truth. What was clear was the top brands do in fact have the highest satisfaction yet the models they (manufacturers) want to sell are not the models which owners have the highest satisfaction with. I do believe the manufacturers care, they just don’t know how to get at the information.

I know it was very expensive for me, when I was head of marketing at Sundance, to even get 10 spa owners in a room for a focus group which was such a small sampling that I would just end up with information that I already knew (but at least I had a $20K document to prove it). What made people really happy about having a hot tub was information I was blind to back then.

At this point, we are holding our research under wraps – we don’t want to cause any waves but if you are a consumer and want to know, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Call us at 800-770-0292, and we can give you some insight from the spa owner satisfaction surveys that we have conducted.

– Jerry

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